Subite al Chunche Sebas Castro

I co-created a web series that tells the story of three friends that follow Costa Rica's national football team by land (yes, as in driving from Costa Rica to the games). So far, we've done it in South Africa, Brazil, and soon Russia. 

Website ==> Subite al Chunche

Alongside my wonderful partner Christine, we guide trips to far flung destinations on what we call "Inner Journeys, Outside" as we teach emotional intelligence tools along the way. WEBSITE ==>

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I created a festival that mixes music, art, and emotional intelligence. It's in its fourth edition (: ==> ECHO

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I travelled to 39 countries and did 122 stories as a CNN Reporter covering social impact profiles. 

I teach Storytelling workshops

Anaconda Carbon Sebas Castro

Alongside my dad Federico, I co-founded Anaconda Carbon, a carbon reduction and carbon neutrality certification company. website ==>

UCL Logo Sebas Castro

I did my Masters as a Chevening Scholar at University College London in 2015. Here are some adventures. 

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I organized alcohol free, drug free parties on Monday mornings throughout London. 

Some other videos I've made for random projects: