I've done videos that range from YouTube shows, to Facebook campaigns, to professional event productions, to CNN pieces. Contact me (sebas@weareecho.org) if you need video storytelling for your project or company. 

It's amazing what you can do in 24 hours.

Video made in collaboration with Northern Flicker about ECHO. To apply, go to www.weareecho.org 

What if you woke up at 7am and went dancing every Monday?

Edited by Fillipo Schiafino.

A recap of what it was like to head to the Alps for less than 24hr to climb a mountain. In fact, the first of seven mountains. 

From the eyes of "El Chunche" on the road from Costa Rica to Brazil. 

Promotional video for Costa Rica Aérea, which became the top selling photography book in Costa Rican history. 

My days at CNN. One more year of adventures with social impact.