I can help you discover the power of your own story, harness it; and use it to inspire your community through empathy and vulnerability. Whether on a stage, camping around a fire, or in a key business meeting. 


"Stories possess a spark, a power: to comfort, connect, destroy, transform -- and even to heal. Everyone has a story to tell. And everyone can appreciate a great story well told. But we are not all gifted storytellers. However, in all my years of teaching 'The Art of Storytelling' around the world, I have never known anyone to fail at learning how to tell their story, beautifully." 
Bobette Buster, DO Story 

All photography by Sebastian Castro Sasso / Oliver Wolfe / Mariela Víquez



From activist to CNN Reporter/Producer to entrepreneur, my life has been guided by stories; and I got good (up to you to decide how good) at telling them along the way.

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